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Amazon Sidewalk Welcomes First LoRa-Based Devices

The latest devices outfitted with Semtech’s LoRa technology are designed to exploit Amazon’s Sidewalk IoT network. Read more

SAR sensor hones RF control in smartphones

Semtech’s SX9376 specific absorption rate (SAR) sensor optimizes RF control while maintaining compliance with global SAR standards for 5G-enabled consumer devices. Read more
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Semtech Unveils Chip That Eases 5G Mobile Device Compliance

A new IC from Semtech hopes to improve 5G device performance in the face of Specific Absorption Rate compliance. Read more
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Semtech Partnerships offer Cellular and LoRa Combinations

IoT solutions will consist of the company's hybrid technology, which enables cellular-connected gateways that connect to LoRa devices. Read more

Sensing the Future - Sustainable IoT

The Internet of Things is here and it's chaning the world. Making it environmentally sustainable is vital. Semtech's low power, long range LoRa networking platform is a very large part of the solution. Read more
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Geolocation Everywhere

Market fragmentation is a significant issue affecting the roll out of billions of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Read more

The 10 Coolest IoT Connectivity Companies: The 2023 Internet Of Things 50

Semtech provides a mix of cellular and LoRa hardware offerings to enable IoT connectivity. The Camarillo, Calif.-based company recently completed its acquisition of Sierra Wireless, which allowed Semtech to expand beyond its LoRa-based chips and platforms with a portfolio of modules, SIM cards and networking gear for connecting on cellular networks. Read more

Amazon opens Sidewalk mesh network to outside developers

Amazon is making a renewed effort to put Sidewalk on the map, announcing Tuesday that it's opening this mesh network to outside developers and offering them free test kits to check its coverage. Read more

LoRa®-enabled third party products based on Amazon Sidewalk

Semtech Corporation has announced the first third-party Amazon Sidewalk products, based on its LoRa® technology, are now available from Browan, Deviceroy, HSB’s Meshify and New Cosmos. Motion and carbon dioxide sensors from Browan, a smart modem for solar installations from Deviceroy, a water sensor from HSB’s Meshify, and the DeNova Detect natural gas alarm from New Cosmos are some of the first Sidewalk-qualified products to be part of the secure, shared network that helps devices work better around the home and in the community. Read more

Amazon Sidewalk Is the Sleeping Giant in Your Neighborhood

The massive public mesh network taps into wireless bandwidth from Echo and Ring devices. Now, developers can build Sidewalk connectivity into their own gadgets and services. Read more

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