Smart Buildings

Homeowners, property and facility managers implementing LoRa®-based smart building solutions can maximize efficiency and cut costs with minimal infrastructure and maintenance investment. Commercial real estate (CRE) companies also stand to benefit from solutions that leverage LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN® protocol's easily deployed, long range and low power solutions. By embracing integrated Internet of Things (IoT) solutions enabled by LoRa devices, CRE businesses are able to equip properties with services that reduce maintenance and operating cost while creating value for dwelling inhabitants, and a potential revenue stream for the provided services.

White Papers

Download white papers for exclusive content offering more thorough technical analyses of smart building applications. Find all LoRa white papers here >>

Transportation providers, healthcare, food services, and many other verticals want to replace inefficient manual processes with geolocation asset management solutions that offer long range communication and ultra-low power consumption. This e-book details five asset management applications incorporating geolocation services and data.
Transforming Geolocation With LoRa®
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Wi-Fi & LoRaWAN trials white paper by LoRa Alliance The white paper is an overview of use cases across regions combining two powerful technologies.
Wi-Fi & LoRaWAN® Trials
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Systems integrators deliver enterprise Internet of Things at scale As the world looks to reopen and recover amid the COVID-19 outbreak, employers, building managers and organizations are increasingly looking for smart and innovative IoT applications, including those based on Semtech’s LoRa® devices, to simplify the monitoring of health and safety.
How Can Systems Integrators Deliver Business IoT at Scale?
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LoRaWAN is the  foundation for smart building success This LoRa Alliance® white paper explains how the smart buildings market is developing and the various innovations that are driving its growth and compares LoRaWAN technology to legacy approaches as the connectivity foundation for this and future generations of smart buildings.
Why LoRaWAN Is the Foundation for Smart Building Success
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LoRaWAN in the utility and housing industries in Germany Produced in collaboration with Minol ZENNER, this white paper explores the legally-compliant deployment of LoRaWAN in accordance with current German regulatory standards.
LoRaWAN in the Utility and Housing Industries in Germany
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Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN white paper from LoRa Alliance Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN are two of the most adopted unlicensed technologies and together they address a large proportion of IoT use cases. The Wi-Fi & LoRaWAN Deployment Synergies white paper intends to demonstrate how these two widely deployed IoT Connectivity technologies can be utilized in tandem to effectively support a vast array of use cases.
Wi-Fi & LoRaWAN®  Deployment Synergies
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Capgemini smart building LoRa white paper LoRa® sensors and LoRaWAN® networks drive Capgemini's SmartOffice solution with low-power, low-maintenance, long-range, and high-capacity networking and data management solutions.
Capgemini Delivers Smart Building Transformation
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LoRa and LoRaWAN transform smart buildings white paper Commercial real estate (CRE) is shifting to a software and services business. LoRa IoT solutions offer a number of unique use cases for smart buildings; from smart metering to predictive analytics for maintenance.
Smart Buildings Transformed
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Discover applications for LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol by downloading an infographic. 

Nordic Propeye has integrated Semtech’s LoRa® devices and the LoRaWAN® standard in its HVAC optimization solution.
Optimize Building Management
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Day in a Life Infographic Learn how LoRa, the long range low power technology from Semtech, and the LoRaWAN standard have the power to change our world and transform our daily lives.
A Day in a Life With LoRa
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We believe every IoT device should have a low power geolocation ready feature –whether it's a mobile asset or a fixed asset. This is now possible, thanks to LoRa® devices, the LoRaWAN® standard and the LoRa Edge™ asset management platform.
The Future of Geolocation Has Arrived
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Semtech's LoRa Edge infographic LoRa Edge™ is a new, highly versatile and low power software defined LoRa-based platform that will enable a wide portfolio of applications for indoor and outdoor asset management, targeting industrial, building, home, agriculture, transportation, and logistics markets.
LoRa Edge™ Applications
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10 things about LoRaWAN and NB-IoT infographic Which wireless network solution is right for your application? Compare the qualities of low power wide area network (LPWAN) solutions side by side in this helpful infographic.
10 Things About LoRaWAN & NB-IoT
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Real-World Deployments

See how LoRa devices have enabled efficiencies in these real-world smart building deployments.

Leak detection sensors at Ghirardeli Square

Kairos’ leak detection strip sensors and gateways enable real-time monitoring of leaks including at the historic Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. 

Leak Detection Systems
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Sindcon and IoT Kreasi Indonesia developed battery-powered smart meters utilizing LoRaWAN to eliminate the manual energy and water meter reading process from larger buildings with several tenants. 

Smart Apartment Utility Metering
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Intent Technologies and Nexity Group integrated Semtech’s LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN standard into its IntentPlatform to optimize performance, improve quality of service and reduce the carbon footprint in residential and commercial properties.

Smart Building Platform
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IQnexus' Indoor Air (IAQ) & Environment Quality (IEQ) sensors integrated with Semtech’s LoRa devices run via the LoRaWAN® standard seamlessly integrate into existing building infrastructures and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

IAQ & IEQ Sensors
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eLichens’ avolta gas sensor featuring LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN standard detects natural gas (methane) leaks with ultra-selectiveness, allowing for instant alert of any devastating gas leak for response and potentially save lives.

Gas Leak Prevention
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DIC Corporation's new line of HatteTotte™ peel and stick sensors, which use the LoRaWAN standard, measure temperature, humidity and the amount of light in a space in order to monitor conditions within smart buildings such as malls, workspaces and homes/apartments. 

Peel and Stick Sensors
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LDT Inc. integrated LoRa devices into its smart fire prevention system that utilizes sensors and a network camera to detect any flames, smoke, passive infrared, and alarming changes in temperature within a commercial property in real time. 

Smart Fire Prevention
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LoRa smart campuses and classrooms

Sundray’s IoT platform leverages the LoRaWAN standard's interoperability functionality and LoRa devices to support and deliver a portfolio of innovative connected applications for the classroom to promote safer learning spaces. 

Smart Campuses and Classrooms
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LoRa remote equipment monitoring

Packetworx's automated packetSENSE Current Clamp electricity monitoring solution and packetSWITCH remote rebooting device leverage the LoRaWAN® protocol to remotely monitor the functionality of automated teller machines (ATMs) and other critical equipment.

Remote Equipment Monitoring
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LoRa smart buildings intelligent dormitory door locks

New H3C Group's LoRa-based intelligent door lock applications bring increased safety, efficiency and convenient management to dormitories and schools by completely eliminating the use of keys by students and staff. 

Intelligent Dormitory Door Locks
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LoRa consumer device security

Smart Mimic's MimicGO LoRa-based devices deploy indoors or outdoors to monitor condition changes including door sensing, belonging movements and tampering, motion sensing in rooms, and open/closed status in drawers or safes, enabling safe and secure rooms and belongings.

Consumer Device Security
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LoRa smart home and building energy conservation

Talkpool’s portfolio of LoRa-based products enable enhanced data monitoring to reduce energy use and help prevent damage in real estate, maximizing real estate return on investment (ROI), as well as attracting and retaining tenants.

Real Estate Energy Conservation & Damage Prevention
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LoRa smart energy monitoring

EasyReach's LoRa-based EasyPlug tracks energy consumption and movement in retail refrigerators, machines to prevent waste, theft and tampering.

Connected Plugs for Energy Monitoring
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LoRa industrial water leak detection

iioote's WebIoT platform and SenseIoT solutions for water leakage detecion and prevention in home and businesses leverages LoRa with AI and machine learning algorithms to detect mold and humidity in at-risk locations, predicting and preventing costly damage.

Industrial Water Leak Detection
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LoRa & LoRaWAN smart art conservation

Conserv's LoRa-enabled sensors monitor common factors affecting art health, such as humidity, temperature, light, and vibration, providing conservators with actionable data in real time. 

Smart Art Conservation
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LoRa-based water leakage detection and damage prevention

iioote's LoRa-based humidity and temperature sensors prevent and combat water damage in smart homes and buildings.

Water Leakage Detection and Damage Prevention
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Application Briefs

Learn more about specific applications of LoRa devices in smart buildings.

LoRa-based smart water leak detection monitor Apana's LoRa-based smart water leakage detection solution enables global corporations, like Costco, to track water usage in real time.
Smart Water Leakage Detection
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LoRa-enabled smart water management & protection With a LoRa-enabled smart water solution from Eddy Home, homes and buildings can monitor and manage their water usage and avoid moisture damage.
Water Management & Protection
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Videos featuring LoRa-based smart home and building solutions are presented below. Watch all LoRa videos here >>

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LoRa Use Case: Efficient Building Management with Capgemini
LoRa-based Smart Water Metering with Apana

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