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Simplify IoT for Water and Gas Using LoRaWAN Solutions with AWS and Semtech

According to Deloitte, the digitalization of the metering market shows an average cost savings of $10 per meter per year by eliminating monthly manual meter readings and off-cycle reads. Additional benefits are also garnered through deferment of new investments such as generators, supply/demand management, and reduced theft1. Due to power limitations (water) and safety (gas), the ultra-low power characteristics of LoRaWAN® (low-power wide-area network) technology make it ideally suited for the utilities market which has led to deployments in more than 100M meters.

That said, it is not just about the connectivity; over 2TB of data are generated by 1M meters which requires a robust and scalable cloud solution to ingest, transform, and analyze the data coming from these meters – this is where the power of the AWS cloud comes into play.

AWS and Semtech invite you to harness the potential of this new webinar as a tool to streamline your customer's transition to digitalization. Join us to explore the effectiveness of LoRaWAN combined with AWS cloud services to enable customers to maximize business benefits from deploying a LoRaWAN gas or water meter solution on AWS, and learn from our experts on how to get comprehensive support and resources to leverage this technology at scale, to accelerate and simplify innovation for the water and gas sectors, driving your projects to the next level!

Webinar Highlights:

  • High-level view on IoT technologies and forecasted growth in Water and Gas markets
  • Use cases of LoRaWAN deployments, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and optimizing overall operations
  • Benefits of AWS Services including IoT for gas and water metering
  • How to simplify IoT with LoRaWAN with the joint Go to Market with AWS and Semtech
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