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Building an Azure IoT Pipeline for LoRaWAN Devices (NDC Conferences)

LoRaWAN® is a type of wireless telecommunication wide area network designed to allow long range communications at a low bit rate among things (connected objects), such as sensors operated on a battery. The key advantage of this technology is to be able to communicate wirelessly over a long distance of up to 15 kilometers with a standard gateway and with a very low battery consumption. A simple LoRa® battery powered IoT device with a single sensor can last up to 10 years. In this session we will build together a Microsoft Azure solution, that easily allows to ingest, decrypt, decode, store and analyze large quantities of sensor data coming from LoRaWAN based devices. With the help of an Azure solution template and LoRa Network Server / Services (like Loriot, The Things Network, Actility etc..), you will be able in a matter of no time to visualize data from their LoRa connected devices in near real-time. Additionally we will demonstrate how to use IoT Edge on a Raspberry Pi acting as a LoRa Gateway for edge processing and direct connection to Azure IoT Hub.